Welcome to Enjoy Rust – a thriving gaming community dedicated to playing Rust on our privately-run servers since 2017. 

Our servers provide a tailor-made experience for solo and duo players, delivering a challenging and immersive gameplay environment.

  • Vanilla and modded servers available to cater to different playstyles and preferences
  • Passionate community members who love discussing the game on our Discord channel
  • Share your tips and strategies for surviving in Rust in our "media-and-creators" or "building-raiding-gameplay" channel.
  • Our Discord features a range of channels where you can share tips and strategies, ask for help, or simply chat with other members of our community. 
  • NON-p2w donation options on our Vanilla servers that include queue skipping during the first week after a server wipe and a special Discord role to showcase your support for our community

Running a gaming community is a labor of love, and we rely on donations to cover server maintenance costs and help grow our player base.

So come and join us online, and experience Rust with like-minded players who share your passion for the game. 

Whether you prefer vanilla or modded servers, we've got you covered. Join our Modded Discord .

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