PVE VIP+ (1 Year)

60.00 EUR

This VIP+ Package include :

VIP Daily Kit - 1x - AK47 Assault Rifle, 200x -  Rifle Ammo, 20x - Medical Syringe, 1x - Metal Chest Armor, 1x - Metal FaceMask Helm, 1x - Boots, 1x - T-Shirt, 1x - Pants, 1x - Tactical Gloves, 1x - Road Sign Kilt, 2x - Supply Drop 10x - Paper you can sell on shop for RP,
Gunpowder - 3000x , Metal Fragments - 1000x, Prototype Hatchet - 1x, Prototype Pickaxe - 1x, Large Present - 1x, Targeting Computer - 3x

1. Full 8 rows of Backpack

2. Instant Craft (tool hammer will craft on default speed)

3. No homes limit, no cooldowns, no daily limits on home

4. Rewards double when you hit barrel, kill NPC, loot crate

5. Teleport to Outpost and Bandit Camp /outpost /bandit no limits and no cooldown

6. Self revive 50% less cost RP then normal players 

7. Portable recycler just type in chat /recycler and can use recyler when ever you want  (ONLY FOR VIP and VIP+)

8. Use nightvision type in chat /nv so you will able to see everything in night time 

8.  Get a jetpack for yourself just type in chat /givejetpack (only for VIP and VIP+)

9.  All weapons now has double higher magazine size!

10. Auto Base upgrade take 50% less time to upgrade then normal player, also repair cost less by 50%!

11. Special tag in game chat