VIP1 10X NOBPS (1 mo

12.00 EUR

When purchasing this digital product, you will gain access to the VIP Rank for 30 days.

  • Stone - 100000
  • Wood - 100000
  • Sulfur Ore - 35000
  • Cooked Sulfur - 13000
  • Metal - 13000
  • Metal Ore - 20000
  • HQM - 500
  • HQM Ore - 2500
  • Cloth - 7000
  • Leather - 3500
  • Lowgrade fuel - 8000

    SUPPORTER Role in Discord

  •     VIP1 Resources Kit (Redeemable every 24 hours)
  •     VIP1 Weapons Kit (Redeemable every 3 hours)



NOTE: These kits cannot be redeemed within the first 2 hours of wipe


  •     /skin or /s (skin items as per normal skinbox)
  •     /skinitem or /si (look at items that have already been placed such as a furnace or largebox and type the command and select the desired skin)
  •     /skincraft or /sc – (select default crafting skins. This will overwrite the default skin when you craft items)
  •     /skincon or /scon – (sets all items in a container you are looking at to your default craft skins)
  •     /skininv or /sinv – (sets all items in your inventory to your default craft skins)
  •     /SkinBase – Allows you to skin all deployables in your base to your default skincraft skins. You can optionally specify certain deplorables such as /skinbase sleepingbag to only skin sleeping bags.
  •     /SkinAll Command – This is like the skincon command but it will skin all the items in all the containers in your base. You can optionally specify certain items such as /SkinAll rifle.ak to only skin ak47’s.