VIP 3x modded (1 mon

5.00 EUR

NOTE: These kits cannot be redeemed within the first 2 hours of wipe


This package only applies on Enjoy 3x Server.

Split up into a kit with 2 uses every wipe for your safety - so the resources below is what you get in total


Resources every wipe (/kit vip)

40,000 Wood

40,000 Stone

12,00 Metal Ore

200 HQM Ore

400 Cloth

200 Leather



+1 Additional Homes (3)

Teleport/Home cooldown (50s)

Teleport/Home countdown (20s)

Queue Skip

Access to /bgrade 1,2, 3 & 4

Access to /skin

Access to /sil

Extra hunger & thirst on spawn

"VIP " tag on our Discord (must be linked)